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Style: Communicate your brand visually.

She knows bold is more than a font treatment.

There is more to graphic design than knowing how to use software. It’s about using all the elements—graphics, photography, copy, color scheme—to tell your story. And it all begins with the style of your marketing materials. The visual interpretation of your brand represents who you are. Leah is a style pro—and she brings her A game from day one, designing collateral that matches your image. And if you already have a visual identity that works for you, she has the versatility to continue your campaign so that it is inline with your established guidelines. 

Skill: Work with a pro.

She knows her halftones from her pixels.

Being a successful visual communicator requires an understanding of how to engage your audience. Just as style grabs attention, function keeps it. Leah knows how to present materials so that the viewer understands the information and how to follow it. With more than 28 years of graphic design experience, she has designed in just about every medium in the marketing world. She has an innate understanding of how to get your message across various media. From newspaper ads to landing pages, she will help you communicate to your audience.

Ease: Streamline project completion.

She keeps it moving and goes with the flow.

Client service is the biggest part of the gig—happy clients are so much better to work with! Leah shows hers just how important they are by listening to their needs, offering feedback and ideas, and then delivering what they ask for. Leah has kept her clients coming back year after year by opening her ears, bending her mind, and enjoying the collaborative process. She stays on top of her piece of the action and delivers what she promises.

She has a portfolio.

Leah loves to show her current work and keeps her samples up-to-date at leahdesign.net.
Leah is an excellent graphic designer: She brings new and progressive design ideas and solutions to the table, is responsive to client feedback, moves quickly and has the ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously, and is a delight to work with. Across many years doing work on behalf of the Penn State Smeal College of Business, Leah was largely responsible for developing the visual identity for the college and bringing it to life in countless projects both big and small. She was an invaluable asset for our marketing communications unit.”

Andrew Krebs
Senior Director of Marketing & Communications at Penn State College of Engineering

I had the pleasure of working with Leah during my time in the Marketing/PR Department at Penn State’s Smeal College of Business. I found Leah’s graphic design work and creative conception to be exemplary. Whether it was asking Leah to modify text or graphics in a document to coming up with a way to showcase a Smeal program—I could always rely on her to bring fresh ideas to the table. I found Leah extremely easy to work with—she always finished projects before deadlines and often pushed to have them done before the deadline to have time for partner review. I would recommend Leah without hesitation; she’s a valuable asset to any team! I would hire her tomorrow for any freelance or full-time position that I had in my office!”

Jennifer Hicks
Marketing Manager at Penn State Outreach

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